Axel Mutoke Nshimba


Axel Mutoke Nshimba

Published on 23 May 2016


Axel, who is a one year old boy, enjoys dancing and running. Most of the time Axel is running everywhere, he is so fast that if you compared him to a marathon runner he would be faster. Because he likes running around the house so that  my dad calls him MOBILE.

Sometimes Axel likes playing on his sisters tablet which is quite strange considering his age but he already knows how to go on youtube, games;  so,  that is very amazing because of his age. Axel is only little but it doesn't mean he can't get angry.  But when he gets angry it's like a hurricane just arrived, mostly it's because of this – being called a baby and people telling him no which is quite often and finally not being allowed to go to school with us.

In the morning Axel can not wait to wake up because he thinks he is going to school with us.  So, in the morning we make Axel think that he is going to school with us by letting him take a bath with us, letting him get dressed with us and letting him eat with us and that's when the flood starts as soon as we step out of the house he starts crying and crying and crying as loud as he could until his dad and mum come and play with him.

Every baby needs his dad and his mum because a mum and dad give a love so strong that no one can destroy.  Axel, who enjoys the company of his mum and dad loves them so much. Axel loves his dad Dominique Nshimba because he supports him in everything he does and daddy  even got him the name MALIK [which means boss in Hindu]. Also he takes him out for treats when ever he is sad and best of all he will always be there for him. If he is at his worst he will always be there to support him.  Then, Axel loves his mum Angebibi Nshimba because she helps him and supports him ever since he was born. She's  always  breastfeeding him, plays with him and the best thing is that Mummy will always be there for him.


©Nathalie Mualukie Nshimba