My Experience in Quarantine

 COVID-19 is a new illness caused the viruscalles coronavirus. It can affect your lungs and airways.

My Experience in Quarantine,
Coronavirus in the uk.

By Gloria Evile Nshimba
Published on 03/05/2020

I remember that it was a calm day where everyone was cautious about the Coronavirus, but it was fine.

One day, my headteacher sent to my parents an email about how years 8,9 and 10 can't go to school. Year 7 went to school for a bit longer since it was their first year, but many did not bother going to school. Year 11 had to go since they had exams to prepare for. It was a shock at first, but my friends and I were excited since we didn't have to go to school. But that excitement began to fade the longer we stayed at home.

The UK had finally started quarantine (where you had to stay at home and avoid contact with others). To continue our education, we were sent work by email or by synergy (which is an app on my school's website where teachers set homework from ). My friends and I began to work very hard but then it got very boring as time began to pass.

According to my parents, customers had to queue, two meters away from each other, in front of the store, to get supplies, but they were not allowed to buy too much so that others can buy their items too. After hours of queuing up, they could finally enter the store where there were less people than usual to avoid as much contact as possible.

Therefore, I thank God for protecting us from the COVID-19, very grateful that my parents risk their lives everyday so that we can survive during this crisis. I'm also thankful for the NHS who treats the patients knowing that their lives are at risk and the government for calming people down by thinking of solutions. Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon so we can return to our usual lives safely. Overall, I don't think that quarantine is so bad.