My Dad and Mum the true story. Understanding Parent's value.

My Dad and Mum the true story.

Understanding Parent's value.


Published on Sunday, 17/07/2016 13:20:25

In the beginning, when God created the world he also created a mum and dad who gave us life. That's why  our parents deserve respect and gratitude for all that they have done for us.
As we all know parents do a lot for children by looking after them. That's the main parents' duty.

But how do our parents look after us?

Parents give us healthy food, they give it to us any time we need it but not all the time because they know how much food to put on our plates. Sometimes you may think that its unfair however its really for our benefit, its mainly so we don't put on weight and its so we don't get belly ace. They also take care of our health [which we should be taking care of ourselves] but our mum and dad take care of this as well by making us eat fruit and vegetables, being active, sporty, drinking lots of water, not letting us eat too much fat and having nice long hours of sleep. Most of the time parents have to hear the phrase [I don't want to brush my teeth] from children but do you actually know why, these are the reasons why:

1] Because when you brush your teeth you help your teeth to grow.

2] Because it will help your teeth not to rot.
3] Because it will freshen up your breath.
4] Because you will help clean your teeth.

Parents also provide you with clothes to wear daily. Therefore, parents are giving the answer to our daily needs. They are helping us with shelter, right path, support, making us happy, pray at night; go to bed, homework, finding us something to do when were bored, trips, restaurants, watching our favourite show with us, going with us to the play ground...

What do parents like?

They like us:
  • to be right ,
  • to do our best in everything,
  • to tell the truth,
  • to understand the best to do,
  • to get good marks in school,
  • to be kind to each other,
  • to invent things on our own,
  • to show a good example to others,
  • to succeed in life,
  • to be active and not lazy,
  • to compete in competitions,
  • to love God and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves,
  • to be honest,
  • to be respectful,
What do parents dislike?

Our parents dislike the opposite to what they like as said supra.

Therefore, Parents to me are very important in children's life because there are some children who are living without the help, support and the love of the parents. Those children are suffering. So my advice is if you have your parents now love and cherish them for as long as you have them because parents is the thing we can't live without the most, so take the time to say to them these few words: I LOVE YOU.

By Nathalie Mualukie Nshimba.